Professional Mobile Boat Detailing and Cleaning Service in Melbourne

When keeping your boat in pristine condition, you want a professional boat detailing service that can deliver outstanding results. At Marine Plus Detailing, we take pride in providing top-notch mobile boat detailing and cleaning services in Melbourne. Our team of experienced yacht detailers ensures your boat receives the care and attention it deserves.

We take pride in our meticulous boat cleaning and detailing the approach and leave no stone unturned in ensuring your boat looks its absolute best. With top priority is your satisfaction, we strive to exceed your expectations and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our mobile boat detailing service brings expertise to your location, saving you time and hassle. As a renowned company, we offer competitive prices for our boat washing services so you can expect great value for your investment.

Mobile Boat Detailing Melbourne

What is Included in Mobile Boat Detailing Services?

Our boat detailing services encompass many tasks to ensure a comprehensive cleaning. When you choose us, you can expect the following:

  • Washing Service: Give the exterior of your boat a good clean, clearing dirt and grime. We also clean any salt residue from the hull, decks, windows and all other areas.

  • Interior Cleaning: This includes vacuuming/dusting the interior, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning windows. It helps you create a fresh and inviting space in your boat.

  • Upholstery Care: Treating and cleaning boat upholstery to remove stains, dirt, and odours, ensuring a comfortable and appealing environment.

  • Metal Surface Polishing: Expertly cleaning and polishing metal surfaces, such as railings, handles, fixtures, etc. This is essential to restore their shine and protect against corrosion.

  • Glass and Mirror Cleaning: It ensures crystal-clear visibility by cleaning and polishing windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces.

Cleaning and Polishing Boat Metal Surfaces

Boat metal surfaces require special attention to keep them in prime condition. Our detailers are skilled in cleaning and polishing boat metal surfaces, ensuring a stunning finish. Here’s how we do it:

  • Inspection: We examine the metal surfaces for any indication of oxidation, stains, or damage.

  • Cleaning: Using appropriate cleaning agents, we remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from the metal surfaces. Our team pays meticulous attention to detail, thoroughly cleaning every spot.

  • Polishing: After cleaning, we apply a high-quality metal polish to restore the shine and lustre of the surfaces. Our expert techniques bring out the natural beauty of the metal while protecting it from future damage.

Why Choose Us for Mobile Detailing Service?

At Marine Plus Detailing, we are committed to providing exceptional yacht detailing and cleaning services in Melbourne. So, what sets our boat cleaning and detailing services apart? Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Comprehensive Boat Cleaning: Our mobile boat detailing service covers your interior and exterior. We offer a thorough washing service that removes dirt and salt residue from each corner. With our expert mobile boat detailers,we will ensure every nook and cranny is clean and sparkling.

  • Attention to Detail: We understand that every boat is unique and tailor our boat cleaning services to meet your needs. From yacht cleaning services to boat polishing services, our team goes the extra mile to ensure your boat looks sleek and polished.

  • Professional Polishing: Our detailers excel in cleaning and polishing your boat. We use high-quality products and techniques to remove oxidation, stains, and blemishes from your boat’s metal surfaces, leaving them shiny and protected against the elements.

  • Mobile Convenience: Due to our mobile boat detailing service, you can get our expertise to your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about transporting your boat to a physical location; our team will come to you, saving you time and effort. We bring all the necessary equipment and supplies, ensuring hassle-free and efficient boat cleaning.

Let us take care of your boat cleaning and detailing needs. Contact us for a free quote and see how we can help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your boat. You can call us on 0432 624 749 or email us at for further details.


It is advised to wash your boat regularly to get rid of dirt, salt residue, and other pollutants. Depending on usage and environmental conditions, washing your boat once a month or more frequently is advisable.

Boat detailing thoroughly cleans and restores a boat’s interior and exterior surfaces. It includes washing, polishing, upholstery cleaning, and metal surface care.

The price of hiring a pro to clean a boat will depend on its size, detail, and area. You can request a quote from a reputable service provider like Marine Plus Detailing for an accurate estimate.

The time of day can affect the effectiveness of boat cleaning. Cleaning in strong sunlight is not recommended, as it can cause products to dry too quickly, leading to streaks or residue. Early morning or late afternoon is often ideal for boat cleaning.

A boat cleaning service like Marine Plus Detailing offers specialised expertise, professional-grade equipment, and quality products to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning. Professionals can save you time, provide convenience, and deliver exceptional results that may be challenging to achieve independently.

The time required to clean a yacht depends on its size, the extent of detailing needed, and the number of detailers working on the project. Generally, yacht cleaning can take several hours or even a full day to ensure a comprehensive clean.